What is the #100MPHCLUB?

On our Instagram (@baseball_lifestyle101) on each NEW post a user must LIKE the post & comment #100MPHCLUB within the first 5 minutes of that post. We then pick a random winner on each NEW post. That winner receives a logo decal that qualifies them to be in the #100MPHCLUB. Another entry into the #100MPHCLUB is to own any merchandise with our logo on it from our website!

Now why does the #100MPHCLUB matter?

On each third Friday of the month we will giveaway our biggest prize which has value of over $200. This giveaway will only be for the people who have won that logo decal or have any of our apparel. This is too do the biggest giveaways for our biggest fans! The rules are as follows. You must post that decal or apparel on your Instagram page. As well you must tag us & caption #100MPHCLUBGIVEAWAY. (Profile must be public)

January #100MPHCLUB

Prize: Brand New A2000

Winner: @baseballstyles

Heres a video of last months winner getting his glove...

February #100MPHCLUB 

Prize: Two FREE tickets to a game of winner choice & $50 to spend inside the stadium

Winner: @lane.38


March #100MPHCLUB

PRIZE: MVP Edition of MLB The Show 2017


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