by Josh Shapiro May 09, 2017

As the owner and founder of Baseball Lifestyle 101, LLC I wanted to give our followers an inside look into the weekly life of what goes on behind the scenes. I have decided to start a vlog documenting the business and everything about baseball. 

In this first vlog I travel to Boston to visit a friend and business partner. We head over to Fenway Park to catch a Red Sox vs Cubs game. It was a great experience, the ballpark had an amazing feel and I would rank it as one of the best trips to a ballpark I have been apart of.

Next, I head over to UMass Boston to catch a college baseball game which Umass Boston defeated Plymouth State in both games.

Take a look...

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Josh Shapiro
Josh Shapiro

Josh Shapiro is the founder and CEO of Baseball Lifestyle 101. In 2013 he set out to build a community that connected lovers of the sport of baseball throughout the world. Today Baseball Lifestyle 101 is more than just a game; it's a way of life.

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