by Cory Fallon May 08, 2017

The Chicago Cubs and New York Yankees played a marathon game last night, with the Yankees coming out victorious 5-4. The contest was the longest game by innings in interleague history with 18, and took just over six hours. The game also set the record for the most strikeouts in a single game, with 48 between the two clubs. Oh yeah, and they also ran out of baseballs in the 15 th inning.

You read that right. They ran out of baseballs. It wouldn’t be uncommon for a high school or college to run out of baseballs, but a Major League Baseball team? That’s just odd. Major League Baseball clubs normally have 15-18 dozen baseballs rubbed up and ready for use before the game. That’s between 180-216 baseballs are rubbed by clubhouse attendants.

Those balls are then inspected by the umpiring crew and the best and deemed good enough to use. An average of 60-70 baseballs are used throughout the course of a Major League Baseball game. The Cubs and Yankees went through those and then some.


The home team is responsible for providing the baseballs, so what happens when you run out? A box of fresh Major League Baseball’s is brought to the field and rubbed right there on the field. You see something new every day.

Cory Fallon
Cory Fallon

Cory is a corner infielder and pitcher with a passion for learning, playing, and writing about baseball. You can follow him on Twitter @CBearr57 or @BaseballQuotes1.

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