by Cory Fallon June 07, 2017

Hitting off of a tee is one of the first things a baseball players learns how to. It starts with tee ball at a young age, and the batting tee is carried on throughout a players career. Every single Major League team uses batting tees, and hitters begin game preparation with them. It simple, but effective. But could it be improved? The Backspin Tee has seemingly reinvented the wheel and changed how players learn how to hit. 

The Backspin Tee flips the traditional tee around, thus changing the part of the ball a hitter makes contact with. The traditional tee encourages players to hit the top half of the baseball, leading to line drives and solid contact. It makes it tough for hitters to hit the bottom half of the ball, with most of it being covered by the tee itself. But hitting the bottom half of the ball is what does the most damage during games, leading to backspin and generating more extra base hits. 


For those unfamiliar, hitting the bottom half of the baseball equals backspin. Backspin means a higher launch angle. Higher launch angels equal more extra base hits. More extra base hits equals more runs. More runs equals more wins. More wins equals more championship rings, and every wants a ring. 

So what makes the Backspin Tee so effective? By flipping the tee upside-down, it encourages hitters to make contact with the bottom half of the baseball, resulting in a higher launch angle, and more dingers. Everybody wants to hit more dingers. So why not start training to hit home runs instead of hoping they just happen? 

Cory Fallon
Cory Fallon

Cory is a corner infielder and pitcher with a passion for learning, playing, and writing about baseball. You can follow him on Twitter @CBearr57 or @BaseballQuotes1.

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