by Cory Fallon June 12, 2017

The Atlanta Braves have a new mascot named “The Freeze” who challenges fans to races on the warning track in between innings. He normally gives them a huge head start, before closing in and winning the race. This new promotion titled “Beat the Freeze” by the Braves has gained national recognition for the sheer absurdity of the length of comebacks he is able to achieve.




This was arguably the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while. The Freeze gave this guy a 200 foot head start, and still tracked him down and beat him. Best part was right when the fan realized that he was gonna get beat, tried to turn on the jets, and kissed the warning track. This is a promotion you would expect to see at a minor league ballgame, but the fact that it made its way to the big leagues makes it that much better.

For a few days, the identity of The Freeze remained a secret. But his identity has been revealed as a member of the Braves grounds crew, Nigel Talton. Talton was a Division 1 sprinter, and tried out for the U.S. Olympic team. Would have loved for his identity to remain a secret to just add to his legend.

 I am now unofficially the biggest Freeze fan on the planet. This promo is just awesome, and I hope that the Braves and Nigel continue to do if for as long as possible to see how many people he can embarrass.

Cory Fallon
Cory Fallon

Cory is a corner infielder and pitcher with a passion for learning, playing, and writing about baseball. You can follow him on Twitter @CBearr57 or @BaseballQuotes1.

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